Dear Lila – You’re 3 Months!

Dear Lila,

Believe it or not, you are three months old now. Time has gone very quickly and you’ve kept us entertained the entire time. Here are some things I want to remember about you at this age.

You love kicking your legs up and down and up and down all day long. You get them really high. Daddy marvels at how strong your stomach muscles must be. When we get you in the morning, we are usually treated to your high kicks in your crib.

In the past week you’ve become determined to roll over from your back to your front. You swing those legs up high, twist your little hips and dig your face into the blanket. Sadly your attempts at rolling have been futile thus far, which makes you VERY angry and frustrated. I think it will be any down now though. You are a determined little thing.

You love having your feet played with and whenever your toes come in contact with something, you quickly curl them around whatever it is, like you’re grabbing onto it. It makes us laugh when you “hold” one of our fingers with your toes.

In general, you prefer not having any clothes or socks on. You LOVE getting your diaper changed. Especially when we play with your legs like a bicycle during the process. You can be in the middle of a crying fit and as soon as we take your legs out of your sleeper, you are all smiles.

I think you’re going to be an over-achiever like your mom and dad because for a good month and a half now you’ve been sleeping 9-11 hours straight each night. People who know that I am a new mom ask me if I’m getting any sleep and I always proudly say you are an excellent sleeper.

We’re not sure yet if you like bath time or not. Right now you mostly seem perplexed by it. We gave you a bath last night and you kept dipping your toes in and out of the water stream. And when I poured water on you with a bucket, you followed my movements very intently but never did crack a smile.

Usually you are a pretty independent baby. You don’t like to be fussed with too much and are content to play on your blanket. When you get fussy though, you like to be held. But it must be in a specific way – we have to hold you in an upright position, while standing and moving. The moment we sit down, even if we’re still rocking you, you start squawking. Yet you’re quiet as soon as we stand up. It makes us laugh so hard.

Daddy and I tease each other about who loves you more. The truth is we’re both completely enamored with you. We’re always saying to ourselves that we have the most beautiful, smartest and sweetest baby alive.

You’ve already changed so much in three months and every day you are discovering new things. I can’t wait to see who you will become. Shy, dramatic, thoughtful, funny …. no matter who you end up being, we will love you with all our hearts.