Handmade Surgical, Scrub or Chemo Hats

When it comes to gift-giving, I simply adore anything handmade. Especially when it’s done by someone who owns a small business they have a lot of passion for.

That’s exactly what I love so much about this gift idea today – it’s handmade by one of Luke’s mom’s dear friends who puts a ton of care behind her product.

Linda’s Lids are personalized hats perfect for anyone in your life that needs a cute, festive way to comfortably cover their head- whether that be a doctor, nurse or even a cancer-patient going through chemo.

Linda’s hats are made with the highest quality materials and since she makes them all herself, she’s able to customize orders, like choosing specific colors or adding softer fabric to the insides of hats made for those who have lost their hair.

The hats come in a lot of different fits and styles to suit women with long or short hair and even for men. You can choose from a lot of various fabrics – including sports teams and holiday-themes, like these “santa” hats she made for the the team at Henry Ford Hospital.

All of Linda’s Lids run under $15, and knowing Linda, I promise you’ll enjoy your experience ordering from her. She’s a big sweetheart!

Check out and “like” Linda’s fan page on Facebook and browse her website to see all the styles available.

Happy Wednesday!