Homemade Bar Food – Game Day Menu

All this week I’ve been working late, which means Luke has been stuck doing all the grocery shopping, cooking and dishes. I hate feeling like I’m not pulling my weight, but I suppose it ebbs and flows and soon I’ll be doing the same for him.

When Saturday rolled around, I decided to take a mental break from skiing after eating, sleeping and breathing it all week, so Luke and his brother headed off to Northstar for the morning. I knew the big Indiana game was airing later in the day, so I decided to show Luke my appreciation for his support during the week by making a big game-day feast.

First up…

Chicken Wings:
I kept it super simple here. Party wings. Thick BBQ sauce. Spiced with garlic powder, chili powder and pepper. Baked for 45 minutes at 400 until crisped on top.


Bacon Jalapeno Poppers:
I’ve never made these before, but I was craving jalapeno poppers for some reason. They were also really easy. Just cut jalapenos in half and clean out the seeds.

Then mix together one container cream cheese and shredded cheddar cheese. Fill the jalapenos with the cheese mixture and wrap with bacon. Baked for 30 minutes at 400 until the bacon is done.

Up next…

Sweet Potato Fries:
I picked up two sweet potatoes and let them soak in water while I made the wings and poppers. This helps them become easier to peel and cut. So, I peeled them and cut them vertical into thin fries. Then I tossed them in a bowl with olive oil, cayenne pepper, black pepper and salt.  I arranged them on a baking sheet and then baked for 45 minutes at 400 turning once to cook the side down.

Apple Pie Dip:
This is a real crowd pleaser at events and is a good contrast to savory appetizers as it’s like a dessert. First I mixed two packages of cream cheese with 3/4 a bag of shredded cheddar cheese and two tablespoons cinnamon. I spread this on the bottom of a square glass baking dish. Then I topped it with a layer of more shredded cheddar cheese.

On top of that, I put a layer of  diced apples with the peel on. And then another layer of chopped walnuts. Finally I sprinkled more cinnamon on top. Baked for 15 minutes at 400 until cheese is melted and apples cooked. I served this dip with fresh cut apple slices and apple chips I found on sale at the store.

The boys were quite impressed with the feast that awaited them when they got home for skiing. It was all ready just in time for the Indiana game. We filled our bellies and cheered the Hoosiers on to an amazing victory over #1 Kentucky.

This whole meal took me about 1.5 hours make and bake. Totally doable for your next time hosting a sports party or just to surprise your honey.

It was a perfect way to say “thanks” to a guy who kept me going during a busy week.