I Finally Picked Bridesmaid Dresses!

After much online-searching, bridesmaid-consulting and bridal store-visiting, I’ve finally decided on a dress for my bridesmaids! I’m pretty happy with my decision and I think my ladies are too.

You may recall that originally I was looking for floral dresses. Well after my mother talked some sense into me, I realized that plan wouldn’t work for several reasons:

  1. No bridesmaid designers are showing floral right now
  2. It’s winter, so no stores are either
  3. Floral would be too much next to my already  intricate wedding dress

Realizing my mother was right I decided to look for a dress that was simple without being boring. Something that would compliment my dress by having a romantic/vintagy feel.

Here’s what I ultimately decided on (the colors look a little weird because it’s not what the color the original photo was taken in, but you get the jist):


The dress is from Dessy and is really flattering. It’s in a nu-georgette fabric, which is slightly stiffer than chiffon but still really flowy. The color is a really pretty bright “sunflower” yellow that looks good on both dark and light skinned girls. The floor-length ribbon will be in ivory.

Best of all, I was able to negotiate $90+ off to make the price around $180, which includes shipping. =) I am really glad this portion of wedding planning is over. I was beginning to think I was never going to find something right!

Next on our planning list is our save-the-dates, rehearsal dinner venue and florist. It never ends! Good thing I enjoy it so much.