28 Reason Why My Fiance Rocks- Happy Birthday Luke!

Today Luke turns 28! I’m a little blue because we’re apart celebrating  Thanksgiving with our separate families. I wish I could give him the biggest birthday hug and kiss, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

When I thought about writing this post, I imagined putting into words how Luke makes me feel and how lucky I am to have him. Then I thought, no, it’s his birthday and it should be about him, not me.

So I decided (becuse I’m really inventive and not at all predictable) to write about all the things that make Luke the greatest 28-year-old guy I know. So here it is:

28 Reasons Why My Fiance Rocks:

28. He gives the BEST hugs ever. They’re long, tight and warm.

27. He has great style. He is always sharply dressed, but in an understated way. I never have to worry about him wearing crocs!

26.  His family is tops! They’re one of those rare families that always get along and support each other no matter what.

25. He thinks about others before himself. Like the time my roommate lost all her music on her computer and without saying a word, Luke brought over thousands of his songs he thought she’d like from his collection.

24. He eats like a man. I knew he was a keeper when the first time I cooked for him he ate four plate-fulls!

23. Kids love him. They seriously flock to him as soon as he enters the room. This post explains more.

22. My friends love him. Even my pickiest critics give Luke two thumbs up and I regularly hear “why can’t I meet a guy like Luke?”

21. Ok, everyone loves him. He’s one of those guys that has no enemies and gets along with anyone.

20. He’s a really good golfer. Which means my dad and him will have an activity to bond over for a long time.

19. He says sorry. On the rare occasions we have a disagreement, it never lasts more than a few minutes because Luke is mature enough to admit when he’s wrong and forgive me when I’m wrong. 

18. He climbs mountains in Africa. That’s manly…and really hot.


17. He’s incredibly smart. I know better than to argue politics or challenge him to a game of chess. I will lose everytime!

16. If he likes something, he’s pretty-much obsessed with it. Let’s just say, he’s read every single WSJ front to back since he discovered it in college.

15. He’s dedicated to working out. Not because of vanity, but because he “wants to live a long, active life.”

14. He’s fun to be around. He may appear shy, but watch out because when you least expect it he’ll have you cracking up laughing. Godzilla!


13. He does romance the old way. Luke knows what chivarly is and even to this day will open doors for me, carry my suitcase up stairs and take me on real dates.

12. He’s independant. Time alone, time with friends and time with me are all equally important to him, which I appreciate.

11.  He loves to travel. In three years we’ve been to Argentina, England, France and Mexico. I’ve definitely found my companion in adventure.


10. He is driven to succeed. In all areas of his life from work, relationships, health, knowledge, Luke works hard to be successful.

9. He doesn’t yell…ever. Seriously, in three years I’ve never heard him raise his voice once. It’s pretty incredible.

8. He loves to read. This guy’s book collection is out of control and I love it.

7. He supports people he cares about. Who’s always there to cheer me on at volleyball games and choir performances? Luke. He always comes through.

6. He is a really good listener. Instead of cutting people off and jumping in with his own two cents like so many people do, Luke really takes in what other people say. Even better, he remembers and will ask you weeks later how something turned out.

5. He’s humble. In fact, I’m probably going to get a call shortly after posting this from Luke who will be embarassed by what I wrote. Haha.

4. He takes care of people. I don’t know if it’s the oldest child syndrome, but Luke is always looking out for me. He’s the same way with his younger siblings, friends and even strangers.

3. He’s happy with what he has. Although he’s driven to strive for more, Luke doesn’t take the great things in his life for granted.

2. He doesn’t judge. Luke loves people for who they are. He looks past their faults and celebrates their talents.

1. He’s a good great person. So kind. So thoughtful. So loving. There’s not much more to it than that.



Happy 28th birthday Luke! Eat lots of fruit pizza, read lots of books and get ready to receive the biggest hug and kiss in your 28 years from me tomorrow. I love you!