It’s My Birthday!

Today I turn the big 27!

I woke up feeling very blessed to have live 27 years of sweet, precious life. Honestly, every days feels like a wonderful gift – especially this past year. I’m living in the most gorgeous place I’ve ever been, working in a job I love, meeting all sorts of new people, trying new things and best of all, doing it all with this man by my side.

I don’t need my birthday to come around to feel special. He makes me feel that way every day!

Today will be a fairly low-key birthday, which is fine with me. I’ll work, take a lunchtime walk in the sun, talk to my friends and family on the phone and enjoy a special sunset dinner overlooking Lake Tahoe with my love.

A perfect day in my book.

Thank you in advance for the birthday wishes! All of you are special to me. :)