Networking With Batman

This week I was in LA for the 140 Twitter Conference, which brought together the best and brightest “power twitterers” including celebrities like @Tyrese4real, @chamillionaire, @drdrew, @adventuregirl, @GuyKawaski, @nerdist (Chris Hardwick) and yes, even @peeweeherman, to discuss the state and future of Twitter.

Beyond attending the sessions of the conference and checking out the booths for the latests geeked out twitter applications, I was determined to meet and engage with as many people as I could, including the influential Twitter stars I’ve mentioned above.

I’ve never found it difficult to meet new people and find common ground, but making a memorable impression that they’ll remember beyond our 30 second conversation can be hard.

Or at least it used to be before I was marrying Batman.

It’s been incredible. Once one person found out what my soon-to-be married name would be (by reading my blog via Twitter), word spread. The topic of my fiance’s name was an instant ice breaker and an opportunity to talk with people I might not have had the courage to approach otherwise, like these people:


batmanbatman3I knew that marrying into the last name Batman would bring some interesting reactions from people I came in contact with, but who knew it would also serve as a networking tool?

I guess I am a pretty lucky girl- not only am I marrying a wonderful man, but he happens to have one awesome last name too!

Dndndndndndndndndndndndndndnd- BATMAN! lol

PS: You can see photos I snapped of the celebs I met at the confrence  on my Facebook page here (friend me if you can’t see them).