Adventures in Wedding Dress Shopping

This weekend my mom, two of my bridesmaids and I went wedding dress shopping in Chicago. We visited three stores- Priscilla of Boston, White Chicago (which you may remember from this post) and 826 Weddings. We had a great experience at all three stores. No pushy sales people and there were so many beautiful dresses to choose from.

Everyone says when you find THE dress, you’ll know. You’ll glow with happieness, your mom will start crying, your bridesmaids will cheer…well that wasn’t really my experience. I tried on 5-6 dresses at each store and honestly could have been happy buying any one of them! I had so much fun trying them all on.

Here are some photos of dresses that didn’t quite make the cut.






Although I really liked all of the above dresses, I found two that stood out among the rest and I am completely torn on which to get! One is a Carolina Herrera gown from White Chicago and is form fitting, glamourous and trendy. The other is  by a local Chicago designer from Weddings 826 and is romantic, flowy and more traditional.

I’ve been asking my bridesmaids, family and close friends for their opinions and everyone have been split 50/50. The men I’ve asked have favored the romantic, flowy dress, while my girlfriends have loved the glamourous, form-fitting option.

I’m dying to post pictures of the two choices here on my blog, but can’t because then Luke would see them. Both dresses send completely different messages, so I guess I’ll have to do some thinking about how I want my wedding day style to be remembered.

What do you guys think- glamourous, form-fitting and trendy or romantic, flowy and traditional? Thanks!