Capturing the Moment

So far one of my favorite parts of wedding planning has been looking for a photographer. What I am looking for is a “photojournalist” – someone who will capture the moments of the day. We’ll still do all the posed photos, but the majority of the shots I want to get will be those emotional moments like when my dad gives me away, Luke and I’s first kiss and the toasts at the reception.

Working at a PR agency, I am surrounded by lots of people my own age. This means I’ve gotten great recommendations from co-workers who have recently gotten married or are planning their own weddings. One such recommendation came from my friend and colleague Amy to check out her wedding photographer Jeremy Lawson.

Jeremy’s style fits what I’m looking for to a T. Luke’s response to seeing some of his work sums it up perfectly, “artsy.” haha. Seriously though, I think his pictures look like museum artwork! I think you’ll agree after seeing some of Amy and her husband David’s wedding photos….






Breathtaking…right? And don’t Amy and David make an absolutely gorgeous couple??

I emailed Jeremy immediately after seeing these photos and asked about his availability for April 17. I was so ecstatic to hear he was available! His pricing is just a little out of our range, but we’ve agreed to hold back in other areas in order to have amazing photos like the ones above. It’s really the only portion of our wedding that will live on, so we think it’s worth it.

You can check out more of Amy and Davids wedding on Jeremy’s blog.

So what do you guys think? Did we make a good choice in spending more on our photographer than in another area? What style of wedding photography do you like? Leave some comments!