Settling Into Married Life

Well…it’s over! Luke and I are back from our honeymoon and getting settled into married life. I was a little sad the day after our wedding, but in general I have not experienced the dreaded post-wedding depression I’ve heard many brides go through.

People have been asking me, “Is it terrible being back, knowing it’s over?” and the answer is honestly “not at all!” In fact, it feels so good to have my LIFE back.

For the past seven months much of my focus has been on our wedding and all the preparations for the day. It is really amazing to be able to come home and not have any place cards, programs or vendors to deal with. Now my time is spent on things I love doing like reading, cooking, being with friends ect.

Not to say that I am HAPPY our wedding is over…trust me, I would re-live that day over and over again if I could. It was such a wonderful 24 hours. It’s just nice to have a calmer life with more free-time.

Moving in together has been a seamless adjustment so far. It’s nice knowing I get to wake up and come home to Luke everyday. In fact, it’s given me more time to spend with my friends and pursue my own interests apart from Luke because we no longer have to plan when and where we’ll see each other.

Luke’s been a dream to live with so far. I’m not surprised though, he’s incredibly thoughtful. There’s been a pretty even distribution of “chores” (in my mind at least), but Luke’s gone above and beyond to show me he cares like:

– Setting the coffee timer so there’s a fresh pot for me when I wake up after he’s left

– Cooking dinner and NOT making me do the dishes

– Putting his clothes for work out the night before so he can get ready in the morning without waking me at 6am

– Letting me watch my trashy reality TV shows instead of Stossel or Breaking Bad. Thank goodness for DVR! :)

People say the first year of marriage is the hardest. So far, if that’s true, then we’re going to have the breeziest life together. I’m sure we’ll run into co-habitation annoyances sooner or later, but right now all is good.

Many thanks to you all for your kind comments and well-wishes during our wedding. I read them all and felt very loved and supported by my wonderful readers.

Have a relaxing weekend!