I’ll be the first to admit that the first 8 weeks of baby girl’s life haven’t always been a ton of fun. Mix near-constant diaper changing, burping, feeding with sleep deprivation, and it’s easy to feel a little run down at times. However, the first treat of parenthood happened just last week … Lila’s first real smile.

She had been giving us some unknowing smirks in her sleep or after passing gas, but nothing concious until last Thursday.

Luke was in Mexico for work all week, so it was just me and Lila. Thursday night I was cooking dinner in the kitchen while Lila sat in her bouncy chair watching me. I was playing the Jackson Five’s ABC and dancing around. Lila’s little eyes followed my moves. I bent down, took her hands and helped her groove to the music when she locked eyes with me and gave me the biggest gummy smile.

This was the real deal. A smile just for me from my little girl. My heart melted immediately and my eyes filled with tears.

Best moment in motherhood so far for sure.

Since then she seems to have “found her smile” so to speak and has been flashing those gums around the clock – after a nap, after eating, while getting her diaper changed.

Our former scowler seems to be one happy little girl.

I’ve had lots of special people smile at me before, but no one has ever made me feel this way. I’m not sure if it’s because I now have some proof that I’m making her happy. Or that I get a glimpse at her little personality. Maybe it’s just that I feel such a special connection when she looks in my eyes and smiles.

Whatever it is, I hope I get to see this beautiful girl smile at me for the rest of my life.