Indiana Blueberry Festival Culinary Tour

This weekend we went out to the Indiana country-side to visit Luke’s parents and attend the Blueberry Festival nearby. The festival was exactly what you’d think a classic county fair would be…carnival games, rides, tractor pulls, crafts and of course awesome street food.

I was really impressed with the variety of foods they had available beyond the typical carnie treats like elephant ears and corn dogs. We¬†canvassed¬†the food stands for the best places to spend our money…

I was definitely intrigued by the deep-fried candy bars, but decided that might make me really sick.

These polish sausages and grilled onions looked awesome.

For his meat, Luke ended up going for this monstrous turkey leg.

I went for the more lady-like half smoked chicken. It had a really nice lemony flavor and the meat was extra tender.

We sampled some bacon rinds, because I’d never had them before. They tasted fairly bland for something with the word bacon in it.

We washed it all down with some old fashioned cream soda. You can’t go wrong with a good cream soda.

For dessert, we decided to go with the festival theme and try an assortment of blueberry treats…blueberry pie, blueberry donuts and blueberry ice cream.

Despite stuffing ourselves at the festival, we still had room for Luke’s mom’s blueberry milkshake, which successfully put all the other blueberry desserts to shame.

If I had to judge this weekend based on yummy foods eaten and lbs gained, it would be getting a gold medal! It’s definitely back to salads and water this week.

What delicious foods did you guys eat this Labor Day weekend?