38 Week Zombie

I’m 38 weeks today and have officially hit the “ready for this to be over” stage. I can’t even begin to complain about how I feel, because I have had a much easier third trimester than many, but I hope these next two weeks go by quickly.

Out of no where this week I started having to get up about four times a night to use the restroom. Before that it was only once, so I’m thinking it has to do with Lila moving lower and putting pressure on my bladder. Couple that with a mind racing with thoughts of labor & delivery, maternity leave wrap up, Thanksgiving and Christmas plans, and sleep has become a mystery to me.

I’m still working full time, which up until this week was a great distraction. Now though, I find myself asking my colleagues to repeat themselves 2-3 times before my mind actually comprehends what they’re saying (which I’m sure they love!). And my back is usually in a tight knot from sitting all day by 1pm. My coworkers are all being wonderful though- one donated a ball from his office for me to sit on and we have a “what if my water breaks at work” plan in place.

My plan is to continue to work until either I go into labor or my doctor decides I need to stop. I really want my full three months with Lila, so the thought of wasting any of it before she comes doesn’t sit right with me.

November is already an incredibly busy month in my life – the ski season starts, Luke’s birthday, Thanksgiving, my nieces’ first birthday – but I’ve realized this week that I have to just do what I can and then give over control to other people to help. My priority has to be preparing my body, mind and home for this little girl’s arrival.

Luckily we are incredibly blessed to have the support of so many. My sister is “on call” to come from San Francisco whenever I go into Labor. Luke’s brother lives in town, so we can rely on him as well. My parents are coming for Thanksgiving and my mom will stay three weeks to be my right hand with baby-care and recovery. Then Luke’s family is coming for Christmas AND his mom is coming again in February for two weeks when I first go back to work.

On top of that many of our friends in-town have already offered to make us meals and help however they can once Lila is born.

Like I said, we’re so blessed.

I’m trying not to dwell too much on the labor and delivery ahead of me. I have been listening to some birth affirmations and reminding myself that if my body can grow a human with no help from me, it knows how to birth that human too.

We met with our doctor yesterday to go over our birth plan – basically to have as easy and healthy a delivery as possible without any unnecessary medical interventions. She was fully supportive of our plan, which is great. She also confirmed that she has no concerns about me being over-due based on Lila’s position and how effaced I am. Yeah!

So, in an effort to enjoy these last two weeks as best I can, tonight I plan to NOT cook dinner. We’ll order Thai. I’ll take a bath. Maybe read. Do some prenatal stretching. And most certainly will be going to bed no later than 9pm.