When It Rains, It Pours and Sometimes You Also Get Hit By Hail

There’s only one word to describe the past week …. rough.

It started on last Friday night. Lila woke up at 2 am crying, which she never does. I got her out of bed and gave her some milk. She calmed down and went back to sleep. But not even 30 minutes later she was crying again for me.

The crying continued the rest of the night and none of us got much sleep. The rest of the weekend, she continued to be fussy, lethargic and flatout miserable. I felt awful for her, but thought it was just teething as she was drooling and her cheeks were red.

On Monday Luke flew out to Mexico for a week, so I decided that instead of being home alone, I’d drive us to San Francisco to visit my sister’s family. It was risky given how fussy Lila had been acting, but I decided to take my chances with her in the car for 3.5 hours.

Well yeah … that 3.5 hours turned into SIX because the Bay Bridge was out. We were stuck in this for 1.5 hours and Lila was screaming for all it.

Bay Bridge traffic jam

I was in the middle lane in six lanes of traffic, so there was no way I could even get off to tend to Lila. At one point I rolled the windows down to get her some fresh air and her screaming caused a woman in a convertible next to me to stare in disbelief.

When Lila woke up the next morning in San Francisco she had a red rash on her face and stomach. I thought at first maybe it was the detergent my sister uses or possibly a new food we tried the night before for dinner. But throughout the day her condition worsened – the rash spread to her whole body, she was crying a lot and pulling at her hair.

I decided to take her to urgent care around 5pm. The doctor told me she had a virus (didn’t say what it was called) and that the rash was a symptom. She prescribed some baby Claritin and Tylenol. Once Lila took the medicine she got much better and just wanted to sleep.

I felt awful for not realizing she wasn’t teething or having a reaction to food, but was in fact sick. Here I am dragging on a six hour car ride when she felt awful. I gave her lots of snuggles and told her how sorry I was that I didn’t realize she was feeling so bad. She has perked up since and seems to be on the mend.

I thought things were going to be looking up until yesterday my credit card number was stolen off a receipt I threw away at Walgreens (while buying Lila medicine) and the bandit was charging up a storm. Thankfully Amex restricted the charges and cancelled my card.

Then to cap off this hellish week, this morning I got a parking ticket.


Here’s hoping I got all my bad-luck karma out of the way this week.