A Rant About Wedding Veils

For some reason when you put the words “wedding” or “bridal” in front of anything – cake, dress, flowers – the cost automatically jumps 100%. This is especially true for veils.

A few weeks ago I had a dress fitting at the bridal salon. I decided I wanted a veil, so I had the sales lady pull some chapel-length, ivory options with no trim or embellishments. I found one I really liked…until I asked the price…

$250!! WOWZA! Seriously?? $250 for 72″ of netting fixed to a plastic comb??

I was floored.

Needless to say, I  handed the veil back like I was playing a game of hot potato and decided to look online for cheaper options.

Once again my old friend Etsy came to the rescue. Within 10 minutes of searching I came across a shop that sold gorgeous veils for $20-$30. Phew- that was MUCH better.

My veil arrived in the mail this morning and it’s exactly what I wanted- a simple, ivory, chapel-length veil. The netting is really soft and not stiff at all. It came fixed to a clear hair comb (for TWENTY DOLLARS!).


So if you’re looking for a veil, please, please, PLEASE do not spend more than $50. Visit A Busy Mom’s shop on Etsy and have yours hand-made at any length, with options for embellishment, for a reasonable price.

Okay, veil rant is over. I’m glad I got that off my chest!

Happy Monday!