How to Make Chimichurri

After a couple weeks hiatus, the Sunday Supper series is back! I’m currently in Naples, FL at my parents house. My sister flew in from San Francisco to visit as well. We both like to cook, so we tag-teamed supper last night.

After a day of outlet shopping, we hit up the grocery store to pick up some food for supper- steaks with chimichurri, baked sweet potatoe fries, spinach salad and some ice cream.

You may remember from this post, but while in Buenos Aires, Luke and I took a cooking class to learn how to make Chimichurri- a sauce Portenos use to top their meat. It’s really easy to make and has a complex flavor profile that brings meat to life.

Here’s what you’ll need:


– equal parts minced garlic, parsley and scallion

– one part red wine vinegar to two parts canola oil (olive oil works too, but then you can’t keep it very long because the oil congeals)

– a tablespoon ( or more depending on how much you make) of the following spices: dried oregano, paprika and red pepper flakes.

– Miz everything together and season liberally with salt and pepper.


To make sure everything tastes right, I usually dip some bread into the mixture to try it out. When it’s ready, spread it across your choice of meat and you’ve got a delicious, spicy, tangy sauce that beats A-1 anyday!



When sealed and refrigerated, chimichurri can last for 6+ months. I’d recommend making one big batch and keeping it in the fridge for anytime your meat dish needs a little awakening.

I hope you enjoy!