The Deciding Factor

A lot of people ask me why we’re getting married in Chicago vs. my hometown Toledo, Ohio. It’s WAY more expensive, harder for people to get to and not near either of our families.

The answer… I feel connected to my church here in Chicago in a way that I don’t with any in Toledo. When it came to deciding where I’d make the commitment to spend my life with Luke, I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

Ever since joining St. Vincent DePaul parish three years ago, I’ve dreamt of getting married there. The magnificently beautiful church is located in the heart of Lincoln Park and in my opinion is just as breathtaking as any cathedral I’ve seen in Europe.


Photo by Michael Kardas, Kardas Photography


Kramer Olson Architecture


Kramer Olson Architecture

But beyond appearances, the community at St. Vincent’s is dear to my heart as well. I’ve been lucky enough to sing in their 5:00 pm choir with other young, amazingly talented musicians.

The music we sing is a departure from the traditional church music, incorporating many different, modern styles and instruments like the bass guitar and drums.

Here’s a recording of us singing a few of my favorite songs.

“Wade in the Water”

“If Today You Hear His Voice”

I know that one of the moments I will cherish most about our wedding will be walking down the aisle in a space I feel so at home and close to God in, with the beautiful music of the choir filling the air.