Lila’s Newborn Photos

When Lila was just a few days old, we welcomed local photographer Melanie Underwood to our home to take Lila’s newborn photos. My goal was to get mainly candid photos that showed how life was like for our family of three, so we decided to make the shoot super casual in our bedroom and Lila’s nursery.

candid Newborn photo LilaKateNewborn_030 LilaKateNewborn_033 LilaKateNewborn_036 LilaKateNewborn_040 LilaKateNewborn_041 LilaKateNewborn_043LilaKateNewborn_049

We also wanted to get a holiday-themed portrait of Lila to use in a birth announcement/Christmas card.

newborn christmas photo baby newborn photo newborn holiday card newborn photo newborn Christmas photo sleeping newborn

I love how the images turned out so much that for her birth announcement we had to go with a design that allowed multiple photos because we just couldn’t choose. Thank you Melanie for capturing our baby’s first days!