Here She Comes … Miss America!

What do you get when you combine my family, Las Vegas and the Miss America pageant??! Oh, just what is likely going to be the best weekend ever!!

That’s right, tomorrow I am off to Las Vegas to support my cousin Ellen, the beautiful Miss Ohio, at the Miss America pageant!

My whole Cron side of the family is so excited for Ellen. She’s worked so hard this year as Miss Ohio and the crown of Miss America couldn’t be bestowed upon a more deserving girl.

Ellen is already a finalist for the Quality of Life award, which recognizes her community service (she biked across Ohio to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals ) and for her platform, which is lightening awareness.

Unfortunately Ellen’s family has had to experience the horror lightening can bring. My cousin Christina (Ellen’s sister) was tragically struck by lightening when she was 17, working at a golf course before heading off to college. Here’s a video of Ellen explaining what happened that day:

I’m so glad Ellen is able to bring attention to lightening awareness and her sister’s story. As you can tell, Ellen is incredibly well-spoken, passionate about her platform and absolutely gorgeous! The perfect Miss America, right?

If you want to help make sure Ellen gets into the top 15 this Saturday, please click here to vote for her! The contestant with the most votes gets the “people’s choice” slot in the top 15. TODAY is the last day to vote, so please don’t delay!

I am overflowing with excited about being in Vegas with my family – they are such a hoot. And my amazingly awesome friend Molly is coming too! I already have my silver sequin dress ready to go for Saturday night and I’m asking my hairdress to “give me pageant” tomorrow at my appointment.

I hope you’ll all be watching and rooting for Miss Ohio on Saturday night! I’ll post next week with a recap of all the fun.

Go Ellen!!