Daydreams of a New Father

There are a lot of moments I am looking forward to when it comes to meeting our baby in November, however, one that has been stuck in my day-dreaming mind lately doesn’t involve me at all.

It is the moment I’ll get to see Luke become a father.

Going into this Father’s Day weekend, I can’t help but think about what kind of dad Luke will be. To be honest, I think he’ll actually be a much better parent than me in many ways. He’s more patient, organized, responsible, even-keeled and maybe most important … can function on MUCH less sleep than I can! :)

I know that really we’ll both be great parents in our own way, but I’m grateful for all the qualities Luke will bring to our parenting dynamic that hopefully will compliment my own.

Anyway, the daydream I keep having about the first moments of Luke’s role as a dad, is in the hospital after the craziness of childbirth has calmed down. I imagine Luke holding our baby while peering into his or her little face. He’s not an overly emotional guy, so I don’t expect any tears or loud exclamations of his love (that will be me most likely), but the shift into fatherhood will be apparent to those who know Luke best.

Knowing what I do about Luke, I imagine him not having a moments hesitation when it comes to holding and caring for our baby. He’ll be confident and curious at the same time – wanting to learn everything he can about our newest addition. Then he’ll jump into his role of provider and attend to all the little things that come with taking care of a newborn and a post-childbirth mom – making sure we’re both healthy and happy.

And most of all, I imagine how I’ll feel watching this man I know as my husband become something even more beautiful … the father of my child. I’m pretty sure this moment will send me into what will likely be the 20th crying jag I’ll have that week. Good tears of course.

For now this is all in my head and it could go much differently, but any way it goes, I can’t wait to witness Luke’s first minutes as a dad.

If you have children, do you remember those first moments your partner became a father? I’m curious what it was like for you.