How Will I know?

This weekend we attended a Halloween party with some of our friends. We dressed as some totally random, inanimate objects- ketchup and mustard. Lol!

During the party, the topic of relationships came up. Being the only married couple there, someone asked how we knew our relationship was marriage material.

I told them what my Dad told me. His method of analysis is extremely simple, but also pretty accurate in predicting a good relationship.

Ask yourself two things…

Does your relationship make you feel like this most of the time?

Or like this?

I know that seems like an over-simplified way to judge if you’re well-matched with your beau, but really, in my experience when it’s right you really are happy most of the time.

When I first started dating Luke the ease into which our relationship progressed startled me. It was just smooth sailing all the time and it was a little unnerving.

I was so trained to think that fighting and making up equaled “passion.” When I thought about it though, the lows in those scenarios weren’t worth the temporary highs. I also noticed all those relationships eventually ended.

Sure we have our squabbles, like this morning when I spilt toothpaste on the counter and didn’t clean it (sorry babe!), but really I can count the number of legit fights we’ve ever had on less than one hand.

Some of my friends didn’t really seem to buy my response. In fact, a couple (mainly guys) commented that my idea of a good relationship sounded boring and monotonous without the drama fighting can bring.

I guess I can see where they’re coming from, but I’d argue that getting along is MUCH better than not getting along. Who really likes being around that couple who constantly bickers and makes up while trying to play it off as “cute?”

Even worse? Living as that couple everyday.

But maybe that’s just me. Do you guys find a healthy dose of arguing is good for a relationship? Or do you prefer to be with someone who you get along with most of the time?