In Memory of My Grandmother

This past Sunday my Grandma Germaine passed away after suffering from complications of a stroke. Although we have been anticipating that she would pass for some time, it’s never easy to say goodbye to a beloved family member.

Luke and I were lucky enough to be able to fly to Cleveland to spend time with my family and say goodbye to my grandma. While celebrating her life, I was reminded of what an extraordinary woman she was.

She raised six kids while working full-time as a guidance counselor with the Cleveland Public Schools. Believing that education was the key to a promising future- she even went back to school mid-life to earn her PHD in education from Case Western University.

She was devoted to her family, being married to my grandfather for 58 years, caring for her own mother until she died at 100, and supporting her six children, including my mother, whenever they needed it.

She was a tremendous grandmother as well, making trips to Toledo to see my school plays, hosting my dad and I on weekends when I’d have a volleyball tournament in Cleveland and always remembering birthdays and graduations.

I’m really happy my family got 86 years with her in this life. I hope she’s with my grandfather, dancing  among angels.

Any prayers or thoughts you can offer up for my grandmother and family would be much appreciated.

We’ll miss you grandma.