Introducing Liz’s List : Zo Li Gummy Stick Teether

I have found as a new mom, that all of my favorite items for Lila came as a recommendation from another mom, so I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite products. Think of it as my word-of-mouth recommendation to you!

I will be blogging about these products under the title “Liz’s List.” Let’s get this started.

Lila is in the throes of teething and recently while visiting with my sister, she gave me this teether for Lila to try out. It’s called the Zo Li Gummy Stick.


Lila went absolutely bonkers for this thing – chewing on it with earnest for thirty minutes straight. I immediately ordered some for our house.

Zo Li Teether

The stick shape is the perfect size her for little hand to grasp onto. And the tip is made of a soft, gel-like bristle to massage her gums. I also like that it’s BPA & Phthalate free. And for $10, this is a product I don’t feel guilty buying.

These little sticks have become my go-to mommy cheat. When Lila starts getting fussy, I pop one of these in her hand and she is occupied for a good twenty minutes. I will warn you though, she gets suuuuuper slobbery while gnawing on it. I resorted to putting a bib on her to catch the excess saliva.

Anyway, there’s my first Liz’s List recommendation. :) If you have any products you love and think I should check out, let me know!

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