The Mecca of Mommy Blogging

As many of you know, I work in public relations and specialize in social media – ie Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and of course bloggers!

Hands down my favorite sect of bloggers to work with are mom bloggers and this weekend I’ll be going to New York for the mecca of mom blogging….the 2010 BlogHer Conference.

For those outside of the social media/PR world, the concept of a blogging conference is a little out there. But don’t underestimate the power these women have!

Many have 50,000+ other moms reading their blogs every day. They have agents, book deals and big brands swooning at their feet with offers of trips, new kitchen appliances and even paid spokesperson gigs.

Beyond that, many of them have busy households, multiple kids and  home schooling responsibilities. Pretty impressive if you ask me!

So what does one do at a female blogging conference?? Well, you attend sessions like “Social Media is Bringing Sexy Back to Branding — Do You Have the Social Media Strategy and Tools for Success,” go to parties like “CheeseburgHer,” but most importantly, meet and get to know the women behind your favorite blogs.

Oh yeah, there’s karaoke involved too. This is me embarassing myself last year:

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I can’t turn down a good karaoke party.

Anyway, last year was my first time at BlogHer, and I had a wonderful time getting to know some mom bloggers who are now good friends of mine. We crashed parties, went to dinner and talked about what being a mom and a blogger was like (I was a very captive audience).

This year should be a whole new experience though because now I am no longer an outsider, but a blogger myself! I’m hoping to learn the keys to writing great content, finding new readers and balancing a busy schedule with writing.

I’m definitely going to be the newbie among these seasoned bloggers (except of course when it comes to karaoke), but it should be fun!