I’m an Extroverted Feeler with Intuition

This week I was in Dillion, CO for a work retreat with about 20 of my online marketing colleagues at Vail Resorts. We stayed in a big 20 bedroom house and spent time getting to know each other better.

While there, I also got to know myself a little better too when we each took a Myers-Briggs personality test. MB assesses you in four areas to help determine which of the 16 possible personality types you are. Those four areas are:

1. Extraversion or Introversion. You get energized by being around people or do you get energy from being alone.

2. Sensing or Intuition. Basically if you’re interested in what exists in the present or if you relate to ideas and concepts.

3. Thinking or Feeling. Do you base decisions on objective analysis and logic or on values and people-centered concerns.

4. Judging or Perceiving. You either like to have things planned out and organized or like to be spontaneous and flexible.

I think most people who know me won’t be surprised that I rated far on the extraversion side. :) In total, I came out an ENFJ or an extraverted, intuitive, feeling, judger. The short description that went with my profile was:

“Warm, empathetic, responsive and responsible. You are highly attuned to the emotions, needs and motivations of others. You find potential in everyone, and want to help others fulfill their potential. You’re sociable and facilitate others in a group, providing inspiring leadership.”

I definitely liked my description and can only hope that embodies my personality! It was a big eye opener to see what my colleauges’ personalities were and how we aligned and differed. Many of the people I work directly with were on the exact opposite scale as I was, which made me more aware of how we might approach a challenge differently.

The team who facilitated our MB tests and results also said that in many cases, spouses will rate on the opposite end of the spectrum. This is definitely true with Luke and me. He is an INTJ – introverted, intuitive, thinking, judger. So he is quiet while I’m loud, he likes facts and tangible realities, where I like concepts, he makes decisions based on facts while I make them based on values and how it will effect people around me.

Somehow the differing personalities come together in harmony though. :)

You can take your Myers-Briggs personality test here.  Leave a comment and let me know what type you are!