Guest Post: Time for a Hot Honeymoon

Hi everyone! Just like some of Liz’s other guest bloggers, I’m in the middle of wedding planning and have gotten to one of the best parts – picking our honeymoon location! (And with Liz on a fabulous trip of her own right now, I’m sure it’s got everyone thinking about their next getaway)

I’ve been staring at pictures of sunny, white beaches for weeks and will be more than happy to get out of the gloomy Midwest winter come March.

We decided that we wanted a “lay-on-the-beach” honeymoon, which may have to do with the fact that we got engaged in Miami and had the best time laying low and eating nonstop. We ultimately would’ve loved to do Hawaii, but with budget and time constraints, we started looking into some other options –

Negril, Jamaica

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Riviera Maya, Mexico

This hotel is our top runner right now...

This hotel is our top runner right now...

We’ve ultimately landed on Riviera Maya since we can get a direct flight from Chicago, saving us travel time, which means more time for lounging on the beach :)

Of course, there are so many places we want to see, but luckily we’ll have the rest of our lives to plan even more trips! If you’re not sure where to begin, I’d recommend checking out this handy chart from a great blog –
– it breaks out top destinations by month so you can narrow down the best time to travel to each location. Sadly, the weather in Greece wasn’t ideal for our honeymoon timing, but hopefully that will be an anniversary trip in the near future.