Is He Plus-One Worthy?

 When you hit a certain age it seems like all of the sudden EVERYONE starts getting engaged or married. If you’re single, that means navigating the ever-awkward situation of finding a suitable plus-one.

Luke and I had only been causally dating for three months before I was the maid-of-honor in my sister’s wedding. I remember fretting to friends and family about whether or not I should invite him to be my date.

Would he think I was jumping the gun by inviting him to such a special family event or would he be hurt if I decided to go alone? It didn’t help that just a few weeks before his cousin got married and he DIDN’T invite me.

I eventually decided to invite him for one reason- I thought I’d have more fun with him around. It ended up being a perfect choice because he was the ideal date: he got along with everyone, didn’t need to be babysat and was attentive to me.

Here’s a picture of us right after I gave my MOH speech.


I was really nervous, but Luke was so sweet and kept rubbing my shoulders reassuring me that I’d do great. I wasn’t really surprised that he was a good date- he’d treated me so well from the beginning. 

Despite this WONDERFUL plus-one experience I had with Luke, I’ve also been in one that was not so pleasant. Previous to meeting Luke, I had dating a guy for 4-5 months when I got up the nerve to ask him to be my date to a benefit gala I helped plan.

He made up some excuse about already having plans to go see a “cover band” with his buddies the same night. Then when the night rolled around he ended up not even going to see the band because he “fell asleep.” LAME!

After realizing that A) he’d rather go see a cover band than spend the night with me and then B) it was all a big excuse in the first place, I was pretty  humiliated. Let’s just say the relationship ended soon thereafter.

So how do you know if the guy in your life is plus-one worthy? I’ve created a short checklist…

The plus-one worthy guy will:

– Call when he says he will and keeps plans

– Show an interest in things you’re involved in

– Make plans with you for events in the future (more than a week out)

– Put forth effort to get to know your friends and people important to you

The un-worthy guy will:

– Keep you feeling insecure by not calling when he says he will, not keeping plans and not living up to your expectations

– Only take you out during the week or won’t commit to anything on a weekend night until he knows there’s nothing better going on

– not seem interested in talking about your hobbies or interests if they don’t directly relate to him

– get two thumbs down from your pals because he doesn’t put forth any effort with them

So ladies, when your next wedding, holiday party or special event comes up, take a good look at the man in your life and evaluate his plus-one potential.

Leave some comments and let me know how YOU can tell if you’ve got a good plus-one.