Ladies First…

This weekend my friends Molly and Molly came in town (Molly sandwich!) from the Bay Area. We had a great time in Tahoe exploring some hidden beaches, hiking, rafting and attending the Reno Rodeo.

We were having fun taking in all the action – cowboys lassoing cows, carnival rides, tons of fried foods, rodeo clowns….it was quite a scene!

About mid-way through the night, Molly #2 left us to go to the rest room. When she returned, she had the cutest story to tell.

Molly was standing in line for the bathrooms when she noticed a small boy (about five or six) standing with his mom, behind her. The boy was jumping up and down like he was trying REALLY hard to hold it.

When they got toward the front, Molly turned around and asked him “Do you want to go ahead of me?”

The boy’s mom looked at him and said, “Honey, is it an emergency?” The little boy shook his head and said “No, I’ll be okay. Thanks.”

Molly smiled and turned back around.

Then she heard the boy say, “Mom, it really is an emergency, but, you know…ladies first!!”

Molly about melted where she stood from the cuteness. When she told us the story, we couldn’t get over how adorable this little guy’s display of good manners was. Especially since we have seen many grown men who don’t think twice about cutting in the bathroom line in front of a woman.

Major kudos to that kiddo’s parents. I hope that little boy manages to keep his manners intact as he gets older, because I think most women agree – a man with manners is a BIG plus and hard to find these days!

Have you witnessed a display of good manners lately?