Unexpected Gifts For a Guy

This Valentine’s Day, I actually had my act together to get Luke some presents ahead of time. I decided this year instead of getting him something he NEEDS, I would get him a bunch of small things he probably never thought of, but would think were cool.

Just some fun things he could open and be surprised by. Here’s what he got:

Batman & Robin t-shirt, because he’s my favorite side kick. :)

Man soap, because my guy likes natural body products and this one smells like black licorice

Coffee canister, because Luke takes pride in his coffee. We’re talking full on drip method every morning.

And finally a sweet belt buckle, because we live in NV and every man must have a belt buckle.

I put all his presents into a “bag of surprises” as I called it and watched with a smile on my face as he opened each present. Sure, they aren’t the most practical of presents, but for Valentine’s Day, they were just the right way to say “I Love You” with some quirk.

What did you get/give this Valentine’s Day? You can click on any image above to go to the site where it was purchased.