The Moment I Found Out I’d Be a Mom

Post written March 23, 2012

This morning I found out I am pregnant.

I had a feeling it was coming. We started “trying” this month and although I never thought I would get pregnant right away, my body felt different and I was four days late. I decided I was going to wait until the morning to take a test so I would be following the instructions on the pregnancy test to a T.

I woke up at 5:30 am needing to go to the bathroom. I think it was mainly in my head because I was so anxious to find out.

A few moments later, I sat on the toilet lid watching the pregnancy test like a hawk. Within a mintue or two there were two dark, distinguishable lines. There was no doubt…I was pregnant! I felt a rush of excitement and a smile permanently plastered on my face.

Luke was downstairs making his coffee. I walked into the kitchen carrying the stick and I set it down in front of him. I temporarily forgot that Luke is a man and would have no clue how to read a pregnancy test. He stared at it and asked me “what does this mean?”

And I blurted out “I’m PREGNANT!!!” With the biggest smile on my face I think I’ve ever had.

I immediately fell into his arms and burst into tears.

Luke wasn’t sure why I was crying. Crying to him means upset. He asked me “how do you feel?”

And I replied between sobs into his shoulder “I’m so happy!!”

And I meant it with my whole heart. I am so happy to become a mother. To start this stage of my life. To start a family.