The Best Weekend Ever

This weekend we got our first real substantial snow storm in Tahoe. 59 inches or almost 5 feet fell! The excitement over the snow got Luke and me so pumped for the weekend that we started dubbing it “The Best Weekend Ever.”

I’m not sure if it was our state of mind or just luck, but this weekend everything seemed to go right and it was indeed the “best weekend” I’ve had in a long time.

– I got home early enough from work to whip up a delicious dinner before bowling – mexican stuffed peppers
– We won our bowling league and I scored a weekend high 167 in the first game.
– Ohio University (my alma mater) defeated Michigan!!

– Woke up to four feet of powder! Made it to Heavenly for almost first-chair and skied knee-deep snow all day. (only fell twice and it was in soft, soft snow)

– Got home totally exhausted by 3:00 pm and watched Indiana (Luke’s alma mater) beat VCU!
– Went to all-you-can-eat sushi with Luke’s brother and gorged ourselves on delicious maki rolls

– Went to bed really early and got a good 10+ hours of sleep

– Woke up to another foot of new snow! Went “stash hunting” (looking for untracked snow) in the trees at Heavenly for a few hours before our legs went out
Heavenly tree skiing
– Came home and Luke whipped up delicious egg and bacon sandwiches for lunch
– Watched Ohio University beat South Florida! BOBCATSSSSSS!!!
– Ate the most delicious meal of the weekend: roasted pork belly with veggies. Amazing!

pork belly recipe
– Watched Eastbound & Down by the fire with a glass of wine
– Went to bed by 9:30 pm

From the looks of my Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram feed it looks like most of my friends/family were also having the “best weekend ever!” with the warm weather, St. Patrick’s Day parties and awesome basketball.

Here’s to recognizing how awesome your life is right in the very moment!