The Move

For the first couple months Luke and I hung out we always ended up at a place where dancing was involved. Being the fun-loving people we are, we were more than happy to follow our friends onto the dance floor.  Although I was a bit busy trying to impress Luke and his friends with MY awesome dance moves (or as Luke says my “jumping around”), I started to notice a trend.

Given that he was still (I hope) trying to impress me, Luke would typically start off looking uninterested…only casually nodding his head to the music. As the night would go on and the music would get better, he’d slowly break out of his shell. Now there would be some actual moving side to side, some arm raises and even some hip sways. Each time, his dancing would slowly build up until it happened…..THE MOVE.

It took me two or three times to recognize that THE MOVE was a reoccurring thing. Not just some spur-of-the-moment jiration or passionate reaction to the music. This thing was pre-meditated. Planned. Maybe even practiced??

Regardless of the intent I was LOVING it. Here was a man confident enough to bust a move in front of all his friends AND the girl he’s newly dating without batting an eye. Not to mention the move successfully brought our two very different dancing styles together for one brief moment.

So guys…without further adieu…here is a description of THE MOVE.

  1. Lock eyes with your intended partner
  2. Move closer…but not too close
  3. Passionately grab her wrist, pull her close and throw her arm over your neck!
  4. Lock your arms around her and take in her awed expression