How I Got a First Date Upgrade

It had been a week since Luke and I met and I was beginning to think that he wasn’t going to call me despite the obvious connection we had made. How could my instincts have been so off?

That Sunday evening I moped around the apartment trying to convince myself I didn’t care, when finally my phone rang. It was him! We made plans to go to dinner that coming Wednesday and needless to say I was elated. Ok, so it wasn’t a coveted Friday or Saturday night date, but didn’t Wednesday have potential? He wasn’t just fitting me in the one night there was nothing else going on…right?

I put my doubts aside and began to plot the night out with my friends…what would I wear, where would we go, were we going to like each other? I’d been on my fair share of dates in Chicago, so I was surprised by how nervous/anxious I felt about this date in particular.

Wednesday rolled around and I’d be seeing Luke again in less than 19 hours. Low and behold, as my work day started I begin to feel nauseas. Not the “butterflies in my stomach because I’m so excited” nauseous, but the “you better get out of my way woman blocking the bathroom stall!!” nauseous.

I decided it would be better to cancel on Luke that to sit at a restaurant all night trying to keep my food down! Little did I realize that this decision would cause a shift in the dating game Luke and I were playing.

Moments after I let Luke know I was sick and that we’d have to reschedule, I got a text from my friend who works with him.

“Are you really sick?? Luke is asking me.”

“Of course I’m sick!” I replied.

“Oh okay, because he thinks you’re just ditching him to attend our weekly girl’s night.”

Hmmmm… I slowly realized this upset stomach may be working in my favor! Although I really had been dying to see Luke again, canceling the date had made him think I was rearranging things to fit HIM into MY schedule. Was this going to play to my advantage?

The next day, after my friend assured Luke I was NOT at the girl’s night and I was sick, I received another call. Did I want to go out this FRIDAY to dinner and to the museum?? Ding Ding Ding! Instant upgrade!