The Newest Member of our Clan!

No….it’s not a baby!

lol I’m sure that disappointed some of you. Luke’s little brother, Matt, moved in with us this week!

That’s him on the right with Luke. He’s going to fit into mountain life just great with that beard.

I couldn’t be happier to have a family member in our day to day lives. Living so far from the ones we love is tough, so having Matt around will be a real blessing. Plus, I know how excited Luke is to get his climbing buddy back and I’m already planning on converting him into my trashy tv-watching partner, since Luke refuses to get into The Bachelor.

We don’t mind sharing our space either since we have plenty of room with our three bedroom, two bathroom apartment. I think this is the first time Matt is getting his OWN bathroom. :)

I came to know and love Matt when we all lived in Chicago at the same time. He’d often meet us out on the weekend and was a regular at our “Sunday Suppers.” He has an awesome sense of humor and makes me laugh with his random comments.

Now I just have to do my part to make sure these two don’t get too competitive…