The Return of Man’s Man (2.0)

A couple weeks ago Luke went on an all-boys trip to Colorado to climb Challenger and Kit Carson peaks. When he got home, he was like a kid on Christmas telling me about everything they did.

They camped outside under the starts, hung food up in trees to keep it from attracting bears, drank lake water, carried 50 pound packs on their backs for miles at a time, ate wild raspberries and even dug toilet “holes.”

I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you the activities on this trip are probably my worst nightmare, but there’s something oddly attractive knowing that my man is rugged, adventurous and well, MANLY.

All around me I’ve been noticing a shift away from the effeminate “metrosexual” male who gos tanning, has a “stylist” and can’t use a power tool. The new man, seems to be heading towards a more traditional guy’s guy.

Just look at who GQ named their International Man of the Year and who Esquire dubbed the “Last Alpha Male”

John Hamm, aka every man’s idol, the uber-masculine Don Draper in Mad Men.

While I am certainly NOT a woman who thinks her man needs to”take care” of her, it’s still appealing to see Luke do things like insist on carrying my 50 lbs luggage or chop wood outside (true story).

I like this shift….with some caveats.

When describing an attractive man’s man, I certainly don’t mean to give kudos to the guys who don’t shower regularly, belch and fart in public or use the words “dude,” “brah,” or “This one time at the frat house…” on a regular basis.

The guy I’m advocating is the one who knows how to dress sharply, treat his lady well, live in a nice place AND talk sports, complete 20 push ups and maybe even summit a mountain.

What about you ladies? What “manly” thing do you love most about your guy?