Things You Do Well

Dear Luke,

This morning you seemed worn down. I asked you what was wrong and you told me (in so many words) that you “feel like you’re doing a lot of things, but none of them well.” I wanted you to know that I couldn’t disagree more.

You are the rock of our family and are what keeps our little train chugging happily along. I know sometimes it’s hard to realize what you’re bringing to the table when you’re the one living it, so I wanted to help by telling you a few things I think you do remarkably well.

1. You pretty much are the best husband I think a girl could ask for. You make me feel cherished and valued. When I need support, you are always there to listen, give me a hug or talk things out. And when I need space, you arrange your schedule so I can get away to spend time with a friend, play volleyball or just read in bed.

2. You are a wonderful father to Lila. She adores you – as is evident by her whines every time you walk away or have to leave for work. The best part is that you adore her right back. While some dads might grumble about working full time and doing part of the childcare, you approach it as if it’s a privilege to get to spend time with Lila.

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3. You are a kind, caring and thoughtful person. I am always amazed at how well you listen to other people and remember what’s important to them. Like the other night when I said we should get a friend a bottle of wine and you remembered exactly the type she liked from a certain winery based on a conversation you had over a year ago with her.

4. You make everyone around you healthier. Your dedication to nutrition and fitness rubs off on me, our families, friends and even co-workers. Because of you, I have lost 12 lbs since we first met, had a healthy pregnancy and am focused on my long-term health in a way I never was before.

5. You take pride in everything you do. Whether it’s your job, your interests, your family, pretty much anything you care about you take pride in. You never want to give less than your best, and your “best” is a really high bar to reach.

Sometimes this pride makes you frustrated that you can’t give 100% to being the perfect employee, or the perfect brother, or the perfect father, or the perfect husband, but what you don’t see is just the fact that you care and try so hard, means you’re already doing much better than you give yourself credit for.

I hope you know how proud I am to call you my husband. I appreciate all you do for us and even though you may feel like you can’t do everything you want to … just know that having your presence in our lives is everything we need in itself.