Two Words to Describe a Wedding

I’ve been to a decent amount of wedding (six this summer alone!) and at each wedding I try to think of what two adjectives I would use to describe it. For my sister’s it was “elegant and classy” for my friend Jen’s it was “intimate and romantic,” you get the picture.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what impression I want my wedding guests to leave with and the conclusion I’ve come to is “fun and unique.” Luke and I have been approaching our budget and wedding decisions with those two words in mind.

So what makes a wedding really FUN? In my mind it’s a few things- the music, booze and how affordable & easy the event is for guests. Since we’re asking people to travel to Chicago to celebrate with us, I’m really trying to focus on making sure people aren’t spending a lot of money and that when they’re driving home they are thinking, “man, that was a blast!”

This means we’ll probably pay more for an amazing DJ than on elegant table settings or we’ll find a local hotel that is affordable and serves a great free breakfast over an upscale boutique hotel.

For the other adjective “unique,” I want to incorporate some inventive twists to our big day. Things that will make our wedding stand out from the other five our guests will likely be attending that year.

I’ve been checking out what other couples are doing on blogs like Once Wed and DIY Bride and doing some brainstorming on my own. I don’t want to spoil all the surprises for my guests, but I will tell you a couple of unique twists we’re mulling over:

  • Having a saxophone player vs. a trumpet as I walk down the aisle
  • Incorporating lemons into the table settings (if our colors remain yellow and green)
  • Giving guest the option to RSVP online and keep the stamp!

We’ll see what actually makes it into our wedding day plans, but I hope there are at least some things that will surprise my guests and prompt them to recall our wedding years down the road.

If you’re planning a wedding, are married or just looking ahead, what two words describe your big day? Leave your comments!