What’s Your Bridal Style?

Since getting engaged, we’ve jumped right into wedding planning. Literally the day after we got engaged, I put a call into my church, St. Vincent DePaul in Chicago, to see what dates they have available. Being one of the most sought after wedding venues in Chicago, I was thrilled to hear that April 17 at 3:00 pm was open! 

I know I know…an April wedding is REALLY  fast. But really, the decision to spend my life with Luke has already been made, so why wait? Plus being that I am an event planner by trade, if I can plan a celebrity event in Times Square in two months, I’m sure I can plan a wedding in eight.  

I’ve heard from many people that I should immediately begin thinking about purchasing my dress. Apparently it can take up to 6-8 months to get a wedding dress in! Who knew?

Anyway, I have been checking out some bridal websites and trying to figure out what styles I like. Many brides I’ve known say the dress they ended up purchasing was NOTHING like what they thought they’d like. So far I’m really liking simple, sleek gowns with a twist…something elegant but also unique. So I’m sure I’ll walk out of the store with a beaded ball gown!

Here are some of my favorites off the website for www.whitechicago.com, where I’ll likely get my dress. White Chicago specialized in once-worn or sample designer gowns, so you get a really great deal on a beautiful dress!



Aren’t these dresses elegant? There are seriously about 20 more that I love on www.whitechicago.com. So what do you think? What is your bridal syle? Do you like beading, lace, backless? Leave your comments!