We Need More Couple Friends!

This past weekend Luke and I went up to Saugatuck, MI to celebrate Luke’s roommate’s 30th birthday party. Fourteen of us, mostly couples, rented this awesome house near the beach and it was so much fun!


We played “guys vs. girls” Catch Phrase, took a wild ride on the Michigan dunes, went out to an amazing dinner and hit the dance floor at a local club/pizza parlor. It was a totally different dynamic than what I’m used to because everyone was there with their significant other, so the whole weekend was about having fun within the group vs. meeting someone new.

Since Luke and I are relatively young (27 and 25) many of our friends in Chicago haven’t settled down into serious relationships. While we love all our single friends and have fun watching them navigate the dating scene, I sometimes wish we had more couple friends to hang out with.

I hate to create a divide between “single” and “attached,” but when you’re in a comitted relationship your idea of fun can change a bit. Sometimes I’d rather have some couples over for dinner and board games than go out to a crowded bar. Does that make me lame?

So why don’t we just make more plans with couples? Well it’s not always that easy. Between our busy schedules, plans already made with our unattached friends and weekend travel, there isn’t much time to forge a new friendship with a couple. Also, it’s hard to find a couple that both of us really click with.

I’m looking forward to the day when more of my friends here in Chicago find mates and settle down. Then maybe they’ll be as excited as I am about making a pot roast and playing euchure on a Friday night. :)