Where We Go From Here

Since my wedding, I’ve been asked several times if I plan to keep blogging  and what I will be blogging about. I do plan to keep blogging, but what about is still yet to be worked out completely.

I really enjoyed finding adorable gifts, decorations, dresses ect. as they related to weddings, but now I feel like my scope needs to broaden.

So in addition to writing about my day-to-day life and adventures in cooking, I plan to continue to share some of my favorite party finds. For example, I came across this “Vintage Toy” child’s birthday party theme on www.thoughtfullysimple.com and had to share.

The party was designed by Bella Grace Party Designs and has to be one of the most adorable themes ever! I need someone in my life to have a baby so I can have a reason to buy one of those vintage radio flyers. Any takers?

Anyway….expect more of this from me.

Also, if there’s topics you’d like me to tackle, (like how I snagged a good man or how I am eating like a caveman or what it’s like to be taller than your teachers in 5th grade) let me know.

Now that our wedding is over, I will be looking for content to keep you all reading. :)