Traveling Man

Text from Luke:

“It’s not looking good for me to get on the earlier flight. On standby, but the flight is full. My original flight is delayed 1.5 hours.”

Luke has taken on a new role at his company, which means he is traveling much more than before. It started in January of this year and so far he’s gone to Mexico six times. His travel is not glamorous either. Three flights, customs, a car ride to end up at a gold mine in the heart of Mexico. One time recently the house he stayed in didn’t have heat!

This week was the first time that he’s been gone, I’ve been working full time and Lila has been in childcare during the day. Essentially, my first go-round managing a house, baby and work on my own. I realized this week just how Read More

5 Things You Learn About Your Spouse During an Engagement

The engagement period, before you officially become husband and wife, is filled with fun things like trying on pretty dresses, tasting delicious food, celebrating with friends/family and planning what you hope is a perfect day.

It is also a time when you will learn more about your future-spouse than you likely ever have before. Sure being engaged is fun, but it’s also a time when you’ll face more decisions, stressors and financial worry than you probably have as a couple before.

I like to think of this time as a practice run for what your marriage could look like. Here are five things I think you can learn about your spouse throughout your engagement.

The list is written as what you can learn about your groom, but these easily could be switched to embody Read More

The Final Piece of the Puzzle

Luke, more so than anyone, has felt the most stress from this move. It’s not easy to lead the charge on packing and moving 1,900+ miles, buying cars, getting acclimated to a totally different lifestyle – AND worrying about finding a new job (esp while your wife is MIA working her butt off).

I think it’s no secret that for a man, a lot of his self-identity is tied to what he does for a living. That’s why I know it was incredibly hard for Luke to give up his job in Chicago to let me pursue my dreams here at Heavenly. Not many guys would do that.

He’s been not working for about a month now, and while he has been taking advantage of the time off by skiing nearly every day, I know the anxiety and worry was weighing on him.

That’s why Read More