Reflections on the Year Past

Well, today is the last day in 2010. What a great year this has been for me….possibly the best year in my life. No joke!

Before I start thinking about the things I want to improve upon in 2011, I think it’s important to reflect and appreciate all the wonderful things that took place in 2010. Here’s my top ten list.

10.Almost everyone in my life was blessed with good health this year. This can be something we take for granted until it becomes an issue, so I want to make sure to recognize how blessed we are to be healthy.

9. I lost 10 lbs and have never felt or looked better, just by changing to the Primal/Paleo diet. Yeah!

8. We went on the best vacation ever to Maui, HI. I highly recommend!

7. Our little community here on abattylife doubled in size. Thank you for coming! It means a lot to me that you read my words.

6. I was challenged in my career and learned a ton both at Weber Shandwick and at Heavenly.

5. We moved to Lake Tahoe!! I still can’t believe we live in this amazingly gorgeous part of the world.

4. Luke and I faced our first big challenge as a married couple (moving, leaving our jobs/family/friends) and got through it together.

3. I was blessed with many new positive relationships, including the most lovely and welcoming family-in-law a girl could ask for.

2. My existing relationships with family and friends grew stronger. Their support really got me through the challenges I faced this year.

1. I married an incredibly kind, thoughtful and loving man. Even if every other day in 2010 was terrible, I think April 17, 2010 would have made up for it. It was a very special day that I’ll never forget.

It truly was a fantastic year! What great things happened in your life during 2010?

Do Men Really Prefer Women Without Makeup On?

Living in the mountains has taken a toll on my beauty regime. I’ve been rocking a pony-tail most days, my nails haven’t been manicured in a month and my snow boots are the only shoes I wear.

One day last week when Luke and I were driving home from skiing all day, I looked in the side mirror at my ski-helmet matted down hair, pale face and chapped lips and asked aloud, “Am I even attractive anymore?!”

This alarmed Luke a bit. “What are you talking about?” he asked.

I explained the beauty rut I was feeling, how I hadn’t done my hair in weeks, my makeup was minimal at best and my clothing has been more functional than fashionable.

He stopped me short to say “Honestly, the past few weeks when you are leaving for work, I’ve thought to myself that you look really gorgeous. I like how you look best when you have aren’t all dolled up.”

I thought this was a very sweet comment. But since then, I’ve been thinking about what he said. Then I heard some Drake song lyrics “sweatpants, hair tied, chillin with no makeup on, that’s when you’re the prettiest. I hope you don’t take it wrong” and thought…

Is it really possible that men are more attracted to women when they are in their natural state – eye bags, flat hair, unpolished nails and all?

I don’t know about you ladies, but I feel like I look WAY more attractive with makeup applied, my hair styled and a cute outfit on. And don’t even get me started on those “celebs without makeup” shots…eeek!!

Image from

Image from

Image from

HAHA! That last one was just mean, I know.

So is it just when a guy is in love with a woman that he can find her beautiful bare faced and in sweatpants, or is that truly what men prefer all the time?

Please weigh in and help me solve this conundrum!

Merry Christmas, Darling

There are a lot of amazing things about living in Lake Tahoe- the beauty, the skiing, our awesome new home, but there are also some not so great things, like being far from family.

Christmas is the busiest time of year when you work in the ski industry, so I will be working through the weekend, which means I won’t be with my family this year.

I also won’t get to be with Luke. We decided it was important for him to get back to Indiana to see his family since we were with mine on Thanksgiving. We love our families very much and want to make this transition as easy as possible on them.

It’s hard to be without him on our first Christmas as a married couple, but I’m focusing on all the wonderful things in our lives and our bright future.

I know we’ll have plenty of special Christmas moments together in the years to come and for right now the sacrifice is worth the benefits we’re getting from our new life.

But, because I’m a sentimental person, and have a flair for the dramatic, I have been listening to this song and thinking of him.

Merry Christmas honey! St. Nick gave me the best present ever when he brought you into my life (I still don’t get how you managed to fit into my stocking, though). :)

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday! Leave me a comment and let me know who you’re thankful for this Christmas.