Coming Home

The Batman family is on the move! We are headed back to the Midwest where we plan to lay down some permanent roots near our family and friends. We’ll be living in Toledo, Ohio – my hometown and where my parents, brother & his family, best friend & her family and many more live. It’s also about a 2.5 hour drive from Luke’s folks in Indiana.

I know, I know … it’s a little crazy to be leaving sunny Lake Tahoe and Reno for the city that had the worst winter in the US last year, but to be honest, weather is just a drop in the bucket compared to all the things we want out of a home. The biggest being proximity to our family and friends.

It’s funny how having a child shifts your perspective. When we first left Chicago for Lake Tahoe, we were in search of adventure, outdoorsy lifestyle and of course the skiing. But now that Lila is here, we’d really rather be taking her for a walk at the park than going skiing. And what we’d REALLY like to be doing is taking her for a walk to the park with her grandparents, cousins, aunts & uncles and friends.

These days my dreams for my life are simple and attainable. Having my parents over for a Sunday BBQ. Owning a home with a big yard. Being close to my best friend and her boys. Going to the Blueberry Festival each summer in Indiana. Being able to attend baby showers, 90th birthday parties and engagement parties for the people I love.

And when we thought about it, both Luke and mys families are so great … I mean Lila really hit the grandparent jackpot … that it just didn’t seem right to not have her experience their love in person as much as possible.

image (13)

So we’re packing up and moving back home at the end of May. I will continue to work from home and have several long term clients who don’t care where I live. Luke has some leads on a few great positions (send him good vibes!). We’ll be living with my parents until we can find a house to buy. Right now we’re house hunting in Perrysburg, Maumee and Moncolva.

When I left my hometown 11 years ago, I honestly never thought I’d be back. Now not only are we coming back, but I couldn’t be more excited to raise my girl (and future kiddos) in the midwest surrounded by the people we love.

Now we just have to get through another cross-country move. Eeep!