Dear Lila: You’re 3 1/2 Years Old!

Dear Lila,

It’s been a whole year since my last “dear Lila” post, and what a year it has been! You went through a lot of changes this year, the biggest of which was becoming a big sister to your baby brothers.

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This year you grew in so many ways. First off, you got a lot taller! You are a good foot taller than many kids in your classroom even though they are older than you. A few weeks ago you came home from school and said “mommy, the kids in my class say I’m not the number I say I am because I’m so big.” I have to admit my heart sank a little for you, only because I was teased a lot growing up for how tall I was, but when I asked you how that made you feel, you just smiled and said “I felt fine mommy!”

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You’re still all girl and continue to love to dress up in princess dresses, get your nails painted and beg me to let you wear some of my lip gloss, but your interests have expanded to include new things too like ballet class, swimming, riding your scooter and anything involving arts and crafts.

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Scooter girl #lilakate

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Speaking of swimming, you are a bonafide fish! The swim lessons you took at the YMCA all winter seemed to have paid off because this summer you have taken off in the pool. You now swim without your floatie about 10 feet to daddy or I, will dive underwater and grab goggles off the floor of the pool and even jump off the diving board with your floatie on. Daddy and I are so proud of how fearless you are!  

Check out this little fish! #lilakate #threeyearsold

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Speaking of proud, we couldn’t be happier with how you’ve welcomed your baby brothers into your life. I was worried you may feel resentful towards them considering how absent I was at times while dealing with their difficult pregnancy and then time in the hospital, but you shower them with love and affection. You call them “Whitakerie and Davisie” and love to hug and kiss them. These boys are so lucky to have you for their big sister!

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You are very sensitive to your surroundings and experiences. We made the decision to take you to great grandpa John’s funeral in May and your reaction to it all was so interesting. While at the funeral, you said you wanted to draw GG John a picture, so we gave you markers and paper. When you were done, you gave it to me and said “It says: Dear GG John, I miss you. Things down here are complicated.” I about fell over!

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And still many months later you talk about him and heaven. You have a lot of questions like “Who will live in our house when we all go to heaven?” or “Will I see GG John when I go to Heaven?”  You are not one of those kids who forget things easily. You remember and think deeply about them, which I love. Your sensitivity will help you become empathetic and develop an understanding of those around you. You’ll be a great friend to many, I think.

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You’ve really come out of your shell this year. You love playing with your neighbors, friends and most of all your cousins. Your imagination has taken over and we often find you playing barbies in your room. You do all the voices and make up little stories between your dolls. We love hearing how your mind works.

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I like to tease you that you’re not allowed to grow older and that you must stay three forever because I like you little. The truth is, we love watching you grow up and feel like we are growing and learning right alongside of you. I am so proud of the person you are and the person you are still becoming. I can’t wait to watch you grow and evolve throughout the years.

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I love you to pieces forever and always!

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