I’m Back! What’s Been Happening?

Hello dear friends. I am sorry I was away so long. The past few weeks have been a frenzy of working 24/7 to get Heavenly Mountain Resort open, traveling to Chicago for a conference, traveling to San Francisco for meetings and now hosting my in-laws for Thanksgiving.

But it’s all slowing down, and for that I’m thankful.

Right now I’m sitting in Tamarack Lodge at the top of Heavenly waiting for our big apres ski event to kick off. I could definitely think of worse places to write a blog post. Here’s a photo I snapped on my way up the Gondola.

While I was on my little break, I thought of you guys. At first I thought “I might like this not blogging thing.” Afterall, it is quite a lot to keep up a personal blog on top of Heavenly’s blog. But I found I felt quite the opposite. As things happened I kept thinking “this would be a good blog post” and “I wonder what Batty readers would say about this?”

I realized that this blog is very much apart of my life now. And then I felt warm and fuzzy. :)

So here’s a quick update on what’s been going on:

– I became a godmother! My best friend Julia gave birth to a precious baby boy named Liam. And I’m lucky enough to be his God mother. Such an honor.

– I’m about to become an aunt! My sister is due to give birth to a baby girl any moment. I can’t wait to meet the little angel.

– Luke turns 30 on Sunday! I’m making him an orange, chocolate cheesecake and his family is here to celebrate. Man I love that guy.

– Heavenly now has 64,000+ Facebook fans. My pet project. When I started last year we had 8,000.

– It looks like we’re going to get our house! The first bank accepted our offer and we’re just waiting on the other one. We could move in by Christmas.

– I have become obsessed with looking at home decor. We own nothing but our bed and have to furnish a three bedroom home soon. Send me home decor and furniture links please.

– We’re hosting our first Thanksgiving tomorrow. I had to work on Thursday, so Saturday it is. Wish us luck.

– I bowled five strikes in a row. But our team is still in last place in our bowling league. This is apparently a VERY competitive league.

– We had our first powder day. It felt soooo good to be out there again.

That’s about it. What’s new with you? How was Thanksgiving?