Dear Lila: You’re Nine Months Old!

Dear Lila AKA Bitty, Bug, Buggy and Boo Boo,

Yesterday you turned nine months old, and I have to say I love you at this age so much. You are able to be more independent with your crawling and climbing, but also still need your mommy and daddy a lot. I have a feeling your development is about to take off, so for now I am relishing your last “pre-mobile” months.

_MG_0801 _MG_0826

Here’s what you’re up to right now…

You are working really hard at your crawling and pulling up on stuff. The other day at Gymboree, you crawled up a pretty steep slide inch by inch grunting as you went along. You made it to the top and looked so pleased with yourself. It makes me laugh though because when you are climbing, you dig your two big toes in for leverage and don’t use any other part of your foot. You must have strong toes!

IMG_4341 IMG_4344

Speaking of Gymboree, I’m pretty sure it’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened to you because as soon as we walk in you start flapping your arms and squealing with glee. Throughout the class you are crawling all over the place, interacting with the other kids and of course, chewing on everything you can get your hands on.


You really enjoy eating, but want to do everything yourself. No being fed by mommy or daddy! I’m not surprised as you’ve always been an independent one. We started doing Baby Led Weaning with you, which allows you to feed yourself chunks of soft food vs being spoon-fed purees.


We also got you your own little table to eat at so you have more freedom. I wasn’t sure how this would work out, but so far it’s going great and you’ll sit at your table and eat and eat and eat for 20 minutes or more. When you’re all done, you simply push your table away. Your favorite foods right now include any meats, cheese and blueberries.

Here you are eating outside on our deck, which I fashioned into your own little play space.


You’re really into your books lately. Especially “10 Little Ladybugs” and “Pat the Bunny.” You will crawl over to your books, pull one out and play with it on the floor for 45 minutes or more. When your dad or I read to you in your chair, it’s one of the few times you’ll sit still long enough for a snuggle or two.


Daddy and I pretty much live to hear your giggles and will do anything we can do get a belly laugh out of you. This weekend we played a game of “human fooseball” and gave you some belly blows, both of which cracked you up.

While we have to work a little to get a laugh out of you, you make us laugh all the time. The other day I took you to a playdate and there was a power wheels tractor there. It’s meant for a much older kid, but after you kept crawling over to it, I decided to let you sit in it.

Well, you had another idea altogether. You stood up, lifted your bottom off the seat, grabbed the handle bars and pressed the button to drive the tractor forward! Me and all the other moms were laughing so hard at you because the whole time you had a completely stoic, serious face on, like you meant business. I wish I had a picture or video of that moment.

Everyone comments on how pretty your eyes are. They are a deep, bright blue. Almost the color of blue jeans. Since you’re getting close to a year, I’m hoping those baby blues stick around and don’t change. You are going to break some hearts with those eyes I suspect.

baby with blue eyes

Lila, you bring so much joy and happiness to our lives. One flash of your smile will make my whole day. I feel so lucky to get to spend my time with you. There’s truly no place else I’d rather be.

Love you to pieces,