Dear Lila – You’re Two Weeks!

Dear Lila,

Can you believe your first two weeks of life have come and gone? Today we took you to the doctor for your two week check up and you gained ANOTHER 10 ounces – 20 total since leaving the hospital. I was so proud of how well you’re doing. The doctor said I must be making “milk of gold.”

It’s hard to fathom how much our life has already changed since you’ve joined us. I can hardly even remember what our life was like before you. I know it involved more sleep, but otherwise it was void of all the joy you bring to us every day. You really have weaved yourself into every inch of our lives in such a short period of time, and it has been the most wonderful change I could have imagined.

Mimi is here helping take care of you while I recover and every day she marvels at what a good baby you are. You are very chill. Not much crying or fussing. Lots of nursing and sleeping. And lots of funny faces that make us all giggle.

You have had three baths so far and have enjoyed them all immensely. It’s the drying off part you could do without. You are quite a loud baby – lots of snorting, grunting and sighing. You like laying on your side best, but tolerate tummy time and back laying time really well. You LOVE to show off your sucking reflex and have already found your thumb.

Basically you are just so easy to love.

It melts my heart to see your daddy with you. Before you were born, he was a little nervous about having a girl. Just because he was worried he wouldn’t be “sensitive” enough to relate to a girl. I knew better though. He’s already putty in your hand! He loves to give you kisses, snooze with you on his chest and attend to your every whim. In fact, just a few days after you were born, he turned to me and said “I think I changed my mind. I want all girls now. She’s just sooo sweet.”

I can’t blame him though. I am totally smitten with you too. My favorite time is snuggling you after you get done nursing. You have such a funny face on and are in a total milk coma. Although breastfeeding is time consuming and at times uncomfortable, I am happy that I am the only one who can help you grow and thrive in that way.

The only really hard part about this whole newborn period is the realization that you won’t be my little baby for long. We were at a party last night for the mom’s group here in Incline Village and next to me was a three month old baby boy. He looked SO big next to you and my heart broke in half thinking about how quickly you’re going to grow and change this year.

Of course I am so excited to watch you get bigger, to see your first gummy smile and help you develop, but I will miss this period when you need me so much and are so tiny and snuggly. But I guess time is both a friend and foe. One thing I know motherhood will teach me is how to truly savor each moment.

So, that’s exactly what I’ll be doing tonight. Snuggling you close to me, taking lots of photos and reflecting on how blessed I am to be your mommy.