What Love Can Do

This morning after kissing my Valentine off to work, I was thinking about how much my life has changed since meeting him. Not only that, but how much I’VE changed.

Five years ago this April, I was a city girl living in Chicago, working at a large PR agency, mainly concerned with what new outfit I was going to wear out with my girlfriends that Saturday night. I didn’t know that at a birthday party one night I would meet a man who would so wonderfully alter the course of my life.

Fast forward to now and I’m a mountain girl living in a town of 8,000, working in marketing for a ski resort and my fashion concerns revolve around what flannel shirt to wear.

What a difference!

Being in love with Luke has brought me places I never imagined, opened me up to parts of myself I didn’t know existed and given my life more meaning and joy than I thought possible. He’s allowed me to grow and evolve while supporting my every move.

And while our love guided me from single city-girl to a wife in-the-mountains, the most incredible thing happened … we created a person. A living manifestation of our love.

And she’s the most beautiful, sweet, special person I could have ever imagined.

If you described my life now to me before meeting Luke, I would have thought you were crazy. Just goes to show what love can do.

Why I Love My Valentine

If you read this blog, you probably already know how much I adore my husband, Luke.  But here are some of the specific things I love about him that you might not already know. I love that…

He is strong.

He is silly.

He loves nature.

He looks good with his shirt off, but gets embarrassed when I tell him so.

When he laughs, he laughs with his whole face.

He does things he normally never would to make me happy.

He eats like a man.

Babies love him.

He cleans up well.

He rocks a side part and looks good doing it.

And finally, I love that he makes my heart flutter every day.


Valentine’s Day Surprise

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day spent with those you love, whether thats your significant other, family, friends or even your pet.

Luke and I had a wonderful day from start to finish. All week leading up to Sunday Luke had me guessing as to what we were doing. “It’s a surprise” he’d say as I questioned him endlessly. I’m pretty surprised he was able to keep mum all week given my prodding.

We kicked the day off by jumping in a cab near my apartment and heading out to Bucktown. I still had no idea where we were going at the time.


When we arrived at our destination I was super excited to see that we were outside my favorite restaurant Hot Chocolate.


This place is my favorite for many reasons – including of course their amazing hot chocolate. I had never been for brunch before, so I was excited to see what was on the menu.

We started out with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole wheat oatmeal bread and a shot of organic milk.


Then we moved on to lamb hash with winter vegetables and poached eggs and scrambled eggs with giardiniera peppers and salami. We topped it off with blueberry and pineapple/passionfruit smoothies.



It was such a delicious way to start Valentine’s Day and definitely reaffirmed my love of Hot Chocolate.

Our next activity was “within walking distance” according to Luke and I couldn’t help but wonder if it was massages at Asha Spa across the street. Luke’s never had a massage before and I’ve been telling him about how amazing they are for awhile.


My suspicions were right! Luke had made appointments for us both to get one-hour massages and they were soooo relaxing.

If you’ve never had a professional massage before, trust me you’re missing OUT! A professional can soothe and relax your muscles in a way you can’t imagine. They are well worth every penny spent.

I felt so spoiled and special after the surprise day Luke had planned for me. To return the love, that evening I made homemade pizza and gave Luke a box of dark chocolate truffles from Voges.


It was a perfect Valentine’s Day spent with my future husband.

How did you spend your Valentine’s Day?