My 5th Grade Dreams Realized

When I was younger, I used to dream that one day I could put my tallness to use as a model. Poor 11 year old me was so tall and awkwardly skinny (5’9 and 105 lbs ¬†in 5th grade!) and the only hope I thought I had at feeling pretty one day came when nice adults would say “you should be a model, you’re so tall!”

Eventually I grew into my height (thank goodness!) and started to love the view I got from above.

Well, last week I got a chance to live my 5th grade¬†fantasy when Luke and I acted as “models” for a photo shoot to promote weddings at Heavenly (where I work).

While getting his photo taken is right up there with getting a tooth yanked, Luke indulged my excitement about getting some new photos of us in our wedding attire and agreed to be the handsome groom. What a guy. :)

Our foray into modeling wasn’t quite as glamorous as what you see on America’s Next Top Model (I did my hair and makeup with a work friend in the bathroom of a Seattle’s Best Coffee at 7:00 am), but I have to admit it was fun to have another day where I felt beautiful in my wedding dress with my guy by my side.

Here are some of my favorite shots taken by the incredibly talented Kurt Larsen Photography and his skilled assistant, Britta, who I work with at Heavenly.

Heavenly is a truly amazing place to hold a fake wedding, so I can’t even imagine how wonderful it would be on your real wedding day! Riding the Gondola, taking photos 10,000 ft high overlooking Lake Tahoe and then having a reception in a building as rustic and gorgeous as Tamarack Lodge would make for a seriously memorable wedding.

To learn more about booking a wedding at Heavenly, click here. And to book Kurt for your wedding, engagement or any other photo opportunity, click here.

Disclosure: I work at Heavenly and was compensated for my time during the photo shoot.