Back Home

Right now we are back in the midwest visiting my family in Ohio and Luke’s family in Indiana for two weeks.

We got here on Friday night after a four hour flight into Chicago. Little bitty did well on the flight, but lost it in the car on the way to Luke’s parent’s house. I don’t blame her … it was a loooong travel day!


But the hours en route were soon forgotten when we were with our families. We pack a lot into our trips home, and so far this one has been no different. We’ve already had my nieces first birthday party, my birthday, Lila’s first baseball game (go Mud Hens!), her baptism and some swimming.

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_MG_0109Since we’re staying for two weeks though, we are making time for some good relaxing too.



Today Luke is golfing with my dad and brother while I hang with my best friend and Lila’s godmother, Julia, along with her little boy Liam (my godson). Then tonight it’s off to my brother’s for dinner with his family and Lila’s cousin Reagan, who is just a few months older.

Then on Saturday it’s off to Indiana to spend the rest of our trip with the Batman’s.

There’s nothing better to me than getting some good family and friend time. Living on the other side of the country means my in-person time with my closest people is limited, so I’m soaking it all up.

It’s wonderful to see Lila around so many people who love her too. So far she’s a little unsure of all the attention. She must get that from her dad. ;)





_MG_0137I truly believe that some of the greatest happiness we get from life is from our relationships with the people we love. And over these next two weeks, I’m planning to fill up on lots of smiles, long talks, hugs and laughs with my tribe.